5 Reasons for stinking laundry clothes

Doing your laundry is never a fun affair, but you still undergo this process for personal hygiene. But all that effort seems to go in vain when the clothes coming out of the washing machine stink. It defeats the entire purpose of cleaning the clothes. Rather than smelling fresh and ready to wear, there are many instances when the clothes smell so bad that you have to re-launder them. Do not worry, this is a common problem. And there are simple reasons for getting stinky clothes. Let us list some of the probable reasons here so that you can stay aware of them.

#1: Stuffing the washing machine with too much


Most of us want the laundry session to be over quickly and in this haste, we often stuff too many clothes into the washing machine. As a result, the clothes get cramped for room. And this does not allow the clothes to go through their usual drying process (within the washing machine) before coming out. So, these damp clothes come out with an irritating musty smell.


#2: Towels put in with general clothes


We all know that towels take longer to dry than the usual clothes. So, when they are put inside a washing machine together with the general clothes, it creates a perfect recipe for chaos. While the general clothes might dry out with your normal washing machine settings, the towels would not. And the smelly towels would soon affect other clothes too. It is essential to segregate the type of clothes before putting them inside the machine.


#3: Detergent does not have a deodorizer


Smelly clothes might not always be an outcome of your laundry errors. It might be caused by the inefficiency of your detergent as well. Not all detergents use the deodorizers in their formula. If you buy a good detergent, most of the problems with smelly laundry may be overcome.


#4: Leaving the clothes inside the washing machine


Modern home life is all about multi-tasking and in the midst of doing too many things at the same time, there is always a probability of forgetting something. And such an error, while doing your laundry, can cause stinky clothes. If the clothes are kept inside the washing machine for long after their washing cycle is complete, then they tend to pick up a foul smell.


#5: Unclean washing machine


Washing machine, like all other appliances, needs to be cared for periodically. Often stinky clothes are a signal that your washing machine cleaning is due. Once cleaned, you might get instant relief from the stinking laundry.


Stay away from these common errors and get fresh smelling clothes each time you wash them.


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