5 Tips to remove chocolate stains from clothes

Chocolate has a heavenly charm which makes everyone love chocolates! While they are real bliss when inside the mouth, they are not so kind when spilled on the clothes. Chocolate stains are one of the most difficult to remove clothes stains. And with the winter season upon us, there are plenty of reasons to indulge in fine chocolates. So, with that thought in mind let us remove your headaches about chocolate stains by giving you some simple washing tips. And all you need is a bit of craft and a really good detergent.


#1: Detergent with good stain removal formula

Well, the first thing is first, even before you start with chocolate stain removal you need to have a good detergent powder at home. There are many detergents today which come with superior stain removal formula, this makes your cleaning process all the more simple and gifts you flawlessly cleaned clothes.

#2: Freeze it!

Start the cleaning process as soon as possible, while the chocolate is still in its solid state. Once the chocolate starts melting it will seep into the fabrics making the cleaning process cumbersome. So, wrap the garment in a plastic bag, with the stained part of the garment facing upwards (to limit the spread of stain). Once you have wrapped the garment satisfactorily, place it inside the freezer and let it rest for a while.

#3: Scrape off the pieces

Once the stain is hard enough, bring the garment out of the freezer and using a blunt knife try scraping off the excess chocolate. You have to be particularly cautious of not pressing the chocolate too hard, which would allow it to penetrate into the fabric.

#4: Quick detergent wash

Once you are done with the scrapping, it is time to wash the garment in a stain removal detergent. Such detergents have a special formula that breaks down the stain and clears it from the fabric.

#5: Wash it, clean it

Now, run cold water over the garment for about a couple of minutes and apply soft finger force upon the stained area. And that is all.

We hope that the thought of cleaning a chocolate stain you never ever keep you away from indulging in a chocolate treat!

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