5 Tips to wash your white clothes

White is such a soothing color to wear. But keeping the white clothes clean is the real challenge! These are the most stain-prone clothes in your closet. Does that mean that your white clothes should be kept packed up at all times? Not at all, if you follow some simple cleaning rules you can wear white clothes without any a headache at all. So, here are five simple tips to wash your white clothes so that they keep looking gorgeous.

#1: Wash them separately

White clothes should be sorted from your normal laundry and washed separately. They should not be put into a washing machine accompanied by other colored clothes. This prevents color bleeding into your white clothes. If possible, try to separate the dirty whites from the not-so-dirty ones, before washing.

#2: Do not overload the washing machine

Taking it for granted that you are using a top-rated detergent; you should not overload the washing machine. A good detergent would loosen the soil and dirt settled in the fabrics of your white clothes. But there has to be enough space within the clothes (put inside the washing machine) for the dirty water and particles to pass through. If you pack the washing machine then the dirt leaves a cloth only to settle down into another.

#3: Use detergents with brighteners

White clothes should never be washed with average detergents. You should use the best detergents and especially those which have optical brighteners in their formula. Brighteners trick the eyes and make any fabric appear whiter than they actually are.

#4: Use warm water

Clean your clothes with warm water (lukewarm is not meant here). Warm water coupled with the detergent would pull out the body oils, sweat, and grime that has settled in the fabric. One of the primary reasons behind white clothes appearing dull is that they are not cleaned keeping this point in mind.


#5: Dry white clothes in open


Keeping the white clothes at their best needs some efforts. While you can dry other clothes indoors, white clothes should be always dried out in the open. They should get exposure to enough sunlight. The UV rays of the sun help in brightening the white clothes.


Apart from this, make sure that the iron you use is clean and does not have a too high temperature while you are looking to press the white clothes. When the white clothes are exposed to high temperatures, under the iron, they can get scorched.  

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