How to remove cough syrup stains with your detergent?

The winters are upon us and one can easily pick up a cough and cold during this season. As the bouts of coughing get violent you would undoubtedly take recourse to one of the trusted cough syrups. While these cough syrups are, most of the times, a delight to gulp due to their sugary taste they have another hassle as well. When spilled on clothes or furniture the syrup can leave sticky stains. So, here are some great tips to remove your sticky cough syrup stains at home with detergent powder.


#1: Opt for the right detergent


Before you even start cleaning the sticky stain, it is important to equip yourself with the best ammunition. While many detergents would do a great job at regular cleaning they might fail to remove sticky stains. So, the powder you decide to use for this cleaning process should have superior stain removal properties. That would give you a good head-start.


#2: Rinse in water


As soon as you spill a cough syrup on your garment, there is absolutely no time to waste. The principle of stains is: they penetrate deeper into the fabric with time. So, you have to hurry and rinse the clothes in lukewarm water. Keep the garment rinsed for some time and you will find the stain has been somewhat diluted.


#3: Prepare the Potion


Now it is time to get down to cleaning the stain. For this you would require one tablespoon of detergent, one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups cold water. Soak your garment in this mixture.  


#4: Take it soft


Your task is to remove the stain and not destroy the garment. So, you have to sponge the stain and not rub it hard. You can use a brush to caress the surface, but that is all you can do. Rinse the garment once they have been soaked and sponged long enough.


#5: Give them a good wash


Apply running water on the clothes and stroke the stained area with your fingers. You would have achieved an incredible result at the end of this.


The success of the entire process completely depends on the detergent you have used. So, make sure you have a robust clothes cleaning solution at hand!

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