How to cure the stink from towels?

Towels are made to get wet. But they should be dried as soon as they get moist if they go undried the moisture catches on in the fabric and this leads to the formation of mildew and mold. As a result, you get that awkward smell from the towels. And once a towel has picked up the stench it can be a pretty difficult task to get rid of it. Does it mean, you have to replace the towel? Not at all, it can be treated and would smell fresh as new. So, let us give you some tips on curing the foul-smelling towel and giving it a new lease of life.

#1: Separate the Towels for Re-wash

It is important to re-wash the smelly towels, but while you do so make sure that they are washed separately. This practice should be followed stringently even if there are 2-3 towels affected. Put them inside the washing machine separately and use a detergent with an active deodorizer to wash them.

#2: Importance of a good detergent

Your first try at removing the stench from towels should be done with a good detergent. Now, you would ask: what is the definition of a good detergent. The detergent you use should not only smell fresh but also contain a special formula to fight mildew and mold. It should contain an active deodorizer. Such properties would make a detergent fit for the purpose.

#3: Wash it with Vinegar

If your towels are still smelling foul then put the towels inside the washing machine again. This time use a cup of Vinegar along with warm water. Let the washing machine run its course. You will find that the pungent odor has vanished in most instances.

#4: Use baking soda in extreme situations

If the towel is still not smelling fresh, then you have to gear up for the remedy used in the most extreme situations. Add a half cup of baking soda and wash the towels in the hot cycle. Do not use the detergent in this step. Once the washing machine is done with the job, you will get fresh smelling towels again.

#5: Final wash

If you have used Vinegar or Baking soda to remove the mildew or mold from the towel, some of the particles of the cleaning agent would still linger on in the fabric. So, you need to re-wash the towels with the aforementioned detergent.

Dry the towel in complete sunlight and the next day you will be gifted with a towel which is as good as new!

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