Why Safed is the best detergent for hard water washing?

Are your clothes losing their shine? Are they appearing dull by the day? Do you find the washed clothes too stiff? Is there are powdery residue left behind on the washed clothes? These problems have their roots in the water you use for cleaning them. You are washing your clothes in hard water. Now, you would want to know: what is hard water? Well, hard water is found in most residential areas across the nation. Such water contains a higher level of minerals. Unless treated, the minerals from the water get attached to the fabrics of your clothes causing the above-mentioned problems. So, try Safed detergent, which is friendly towards hard water. But what makes Safed such a great solution for hard water? Let us take a look.

#1: Color Protection

Safed detergent powder is made with a special formula that can combat the greying, dinginess and fading of colors. These are some of the common problems you might face while washing your clothes in hard water. Moreover, after every wash with Safed, you will find the clothes shining like new. So, the dullness would not affect your clothes.

#2: Clean more for less

When you wash your clothes with a regular detergent, the granules of the powder get attached to the minerals. As a result, you get that powdery residue left behind after the clothes are dry. This will not happen if you use Safed detergent powder. Special formula used in this product makes sure that you get satisfactory cleaning with only one spoon of the detergent. While the other detergents, when used in hard water, lead to a 30% loss. Safed detergent powder stays as efficient whether used on hard or normal water.

#3: Comprehensive cleaning

The regular detergents are not really made for use in hard water. They fail in pulling out the dirt subtly from the fibers. They need sufficient aid from the water in doing so. Safed is self-sufficient and offers the best care to the fibers while cleaning them comprehensible.

#4: Superb stain removal

Sticky stains are hard to remove, no matter which type of water you use. It becomes a daunting task when you are washing clothes with hard water. Safed can remove the worst stains effortlessly even in mineral-rich water. And it does so without hampering the color or fabric of your garment.

Now that you know, when are you ordering Safed detergent powder?

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