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Your bed is the most peaceful place on earth. It should be decorated with a comfortable, sweet smelling and clean bed sheet. And nothing carries more calmness and peace than white! This is why most homeowners prefer to decorate their bed with a flawlessly white sheet. But when it comes to maintenance, white is a high maintenance color. Yellowing and greying of white bed sheets is a common problem. So, if you want to gift the best care to your white bed sheets, start using Safed detergent powder containing a special color protection formula. Safed not only keeps the color of your bed sheet as it is but also gives it a new-like shine. However, if you are not using Safed detergent powder yet here are some tips to wash your bed sheets clean.

#1: Read the Labels

Reading the small labels attached to your white bed sheet and providing the described care is essential to preserve the best qualities. Most of the bed sheets can be washed in a washing machine, but there are some that cannot be. Read the labels to understand the specific instructions.

#2: Set Temperatures according to label instructions

Polyester based white bed sheets can be washed in warm water, while cotton bed sheets are best washed in hot water. While hot water kills the germs and mites that thrive in bedding, it is always advisable to set the temperature listed on the care label.

#3: Wash them every week

Unlike other colored bed sheets, white bed sheets cannot be kept piled for future cleaning. Dirt accumulated on a white bed sheet is quite difficult to remove and the longer you keep it without washing, the dirt penetrates deeper into the fabric. This may cause greying of the bed sheet. So, wash them once every week.

#4: Wash with light colored clothing

Safed detergent powder protects your clothes from color bleeding, so you are protected in that sense. If you are using any other detergent powder, it is essential to wash only light-colored clothing along with the white bed sheet. It is preferable to wash only white things in this cycle, if possible.

#5: Iron before use

Once the white bed sheet is dry you must iron it properly. Ironing the linen soon after it is dry keeps the germs and mites at bay.

With its superior color protect formula, Safed detergent powder provides the best care to your white bed sheets and other white clothes.

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