We Dream and Aspire


Avant Garde

We believe that the human entity is the most important element for any organization, the secret to any flourishing business. Human beings are the most unique element and thus our organization aims at continuous development and nurture of its manpower.

Work Ethics

Safechem Industries works on the principles of high standards of corporate behavior and ethical values in terms of people as well as environment. We believe in a participative form of organization wherein we treat our employees and our colleagues in a very amicable manner.

  • Encourages employee participation for new and improved ideas and suggestions.
  • Initiates a decentralized system, where we all work as a unified team.
  • Follow certain religious values and beliefs which directly promote a feeling of oneness and unity amongst us.
  • The policies and procedures that are practiced by us are also viewed as a tool to strengthen the performance levels of our employees.

Vertical Advancement

Our company, SafechemIndustries, being one of the leading brands in the soaps and detergents industry provides ample scope for growth and development, in terms of both business and individual.

We constantly promotes and encourage employees to come up with new and innovative ideas in various sectors, be it sales and marketing, finance, IT, research & development, HR etc.

Employees are endowed with proper recognition and rewards on the basis of the basis of their skills, performance and achievements. Proper mentoring, workshops, seminars and training is initiated on a large platform to continuously harness the skills and knowledge of our employees which directly enhances individual development and growth in ones career.

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Work Environment

An effective work environment is vital to the success of any businesses. A proper and safe work environment helps people in working together with a common denominator and thus results in accomplishment of tasks with greater ease and has higher expectations of themselves and their work.

Offering a positive work environment which is critical no matter how many employees you have. This kind of working structure has indeed proved to be a great motivating factor for our employees. A safe and positive atmosphere to work in and breathe for our people in is what our company aims at.


Safechem Industries envisages Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates.

By expressing this citizenship through waste and pollution reduction processes, by contributing educational and social programs, and by earning adequate returns on the employed resources.