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Champion Detergent

Judiciously selected blends of surfactants, builders, anti-redeposition polymers, enzymes and optical brighteners.

Champion Matic

Champion Matic redefines detergent powder for your washing machine. It has a Triple Action Cleaning formula. It is clinically proven for best preserving colours, stain removal and protecting fabric to increase lifespan of your clothes.

Champion Matic Professional Expert Detergent has been specially designed with Bio-enzyme formula.

Safed Detergent Powder

Caters to the daily laundry needs and cleans effectively with lesser effort.


Safechem Industries envisages Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates.

By expressing this citizenship through waste and pollution reduction processes, by contributing educational and social programs, and by earning adequate returns on the employed resources.