SAFED detergent powder
  • Caters to the daily laundry needs and cleans effectively with lesser effort.
super kwik detergent powder
  • A direct outcome of the state-of-the-art technology.
  • After wash clothes look exceptionally bright and shining.
Safed Champion premium Powder
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  • Judiciously selected blends of surfactants, builders, anti-redeponsition polymers, enzymes and optical brighteners.
  • Facilitates removal of most of the stubborn stains and leaving fabric soft after wash.

Detergent based soap

Safed maha shakti
  • A perfect formulation for your washing requirements.
  • The product is suitable for washing all types of fabrics and removes the most stubborn dirt and unwanted particle with utmost ease.
Safed super kwik
  • Enhances the brightness of clothes.
  • This power cake removes all sorts of dirt and leaves behind a lemon fragrance.


  • Specially cormulated after with special ingrddients for delicate & special clothes. Suitable for Woollens, Baby clothes, Silks, Crepes & all fine fabrics. Leaves clothes fluffy, soft & mildly scented.
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